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Email Marketing - Dubai

You have a well developed website with all your products and services. Where are the clients? Have something to sell, a cause to promote, a service to provide? What do you do now? The best solution for your problems is to send HTML Mailers & Newsletters. Send HTML emails to your client list and see an increase in your sales.

Studies have shown that HTML Mailers & Newsletters receive as much as a 40% higher response rate than plain text. HTML email marketing has a lower cost per conversion rate than any other direct marketing technique. Additionally, HTML emails let you include photographs, media and ecommerce, as well as track statistics, and provide one click separation to your website and order forms!

We create quality, eye-popping HTML Mailers & Newsletters that work. Save time. Save money. Get your message out to the masses with our HTML mail designs.

Why do you need a HTML mailer or Newsletter?

  • A very useful tool for market promotion and penetration.
  • Building brand awareness and building strategy
  • Effective launches of Products and Services
  • Promotion of company values and news
  • A money saving and effective tool
  • Provide one click separation to your website and order forms
  • Reach more customers accessing mobile devices

Research estimates that 92 percent of all Internet users have email accounts. Most of the business also have websites and email accounts.

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HTML Mailers & Newsletters still remains one of the most powerful tools for small and large businesses trying to market themselves. With the increase in mobile technology, mail access has become easier and has more reach. Research also found that almost 50 percent of mobile users’ time is spent on email, while others report that more access email through some sort of mobile device. These numbers are likely to increase with the increased adoption of mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Email Marketing Statistics

  • Email is their preferred method of communication is above 70% for most adults.
  • More companies say that email marketing provided an “excellent” or “good” return on investment.
  • There is an increase of the percentage of smartphone users who have made a purchase from their phones after opening an email from a business.
  • Above 80% of B2C companies use emails and more plan to use it
  • More people expect promotional emails from companies from previous years. This is due to an ever increasing online buying of products.
Email marketing campaigns can help companies provide shoppers with information that will be used to establish a beneficial connection and result in thought leadership.