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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Business Objectives

As part of the initial phase of this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process, Goldcrab will conduct this task to identify and define the key business objectives in the first place after thorough discussion with the client. Once these objectives have been clearly defined, we will then find the website/campaign goals for each of the business objectives identified.

Research & Planning

Market Research – Goldcrab would obtain few insights on your target market from a search perspective, We will do this by performing a market research activity to find out about your target market’s behaviors, preferences, conversations, subjects which they value most etc. relevant to the services that you are offering.

Audience Research – The audience research activity is carried out to obtain insights on your target audience. Insights would reveal information about the target audience, demographics, their intent, needs and interests etc. These insights from a search perspective will help us to know if you are attracting the right audience and fulfilling their needs.

Keyword Research – Based on the insights from the above activities and with the initial list of keywords provided by the client, Goldcrab will perform the detail keyword research and analysis activity to generate a list of relevant & targeted keyword phrases with regard to search volume, popularity, competition, audience needs & most importantly keyword intent that matches the business goals.

Competition Research & Analysis – From the final list of keywords generated from the keyword research activity, Goldcrab will pick a handful of keywords to find the common search competitors for the client’s website. The outcome of this analysis would be a report on the top search competitors, their position, strengths & weaknesses and the search strategies that they are executing to capture the target audience in comparison to the client’s website.

Website Audit – Goldcrab will conduct a complete and more comprehensive assessment of the client’s website which will cover the technical aspects like accessibility, crawlability, performance, analytics etc.. In addition the audit will also cover the usability aspects of the website. Taking into consideration all of these factors, Goldcrab will compile an assessment report and will provide recommendations and fixes for potential improvement.

Site Architecture Planning – Goldcrab will develop a revised site architecture based on the insights revealed from the research activities above. The idea is to identify the needs of the audience, gaps and opportunities and build new sections on the website and organize them logically and hierarchically primarily to fulfill the audience needs and then for efficient crawling and indexation of the web pages.

Campaign Measurement Planning – Goldcrab will develop a well structured marketing campaign measurement framework with the objective to measure the success or failure of the search campaign. The measurement framework will include the business objectives identified from the discovery phase, the goal conversions which includes macro and micro conversions for each objective and finally the KPI metrics related to the business objectives & goals that needs to be tracked to measure campaign effectiveness.

Content Strategy & Development

 The content strategy & development phase involves the following activities:

User Experience Design – Goldcrab will be involved in the design of new sections to provide input from a search perspective and make sure the designs are built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & other usability factors in mind.

Content Writing & Optimization – Goldcrab will work with the copywriters to help them write content based on targeted keyword phrases mapped to relevant landing pages discovered during the keyword research task. We will provide SEO related suggestions, recommendations and best practices for the copywriters when writing content.

Technical Development

In this phase of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process, Goldcrab will work with the developers to fix any issues resulting from the site audit & implement the following technical activities, to ensure the site is technically sound and free from any technical glitches that may hinder the efficient crawling of the website.

  1. Site Structure Optimization – This will involve optimization tasks such as adhering to the semantics of HTML, logical & hierarchical organization of themed sections and pages, usage of search engine friendly url’s with keyword phrases etc.
  2. Code Optimization – Here we will look into the accessibility aspects of the code, validity of the code and standards adherence, and the code to content ratio etc..
  3. Media Optimization – Optimization of media assets such as images, videos, audios etc., usage of strategic file naming for media assets with keyword rich text, providing alternative attributes for images, providing video transcripts etc.
  4. Internal Linking Structure Optimization – This optimization task will involve improving the internal linking structure through usage of keyword rich text in navigation such as bread crumb navigation, anchor text in content etc.. Other internal linking methods include cross linking between related sections or pages etc.,
  5. Site Performance/Speed Optimization
  6. Technical Implementation – This includes the implementation of custom 404 error pages, canonical URLs, 301 redirects, domain redirects and sitemap generation etc.. 
  7. Analytics Implementation – Goldcrab will ensure proper and correct implementation of the analytics tool, configuration of goals & profiles, customization for advanced tracking etc.
  8. Technical Implementation Audit – We will perform a post implementation audit to ensure all the fixes that were outlined during the site audit and other recommended technical fixes were successfully implemented.
  9. Technical Maintenance & Monitoring – Goldcrab will be constantly maintaining & monitoring the site through the usage of webmaster tools and few other tools to ensure that the site is in perfect shape.

Link Acquisition Strategy

In this phase of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process, Goldcrab will look in to the promotional strategies for the website. We will be focusing mainly on the important activities mentioned below:

There are various strategies that can be leveraged to build links to a particular website. However we will be looking into the existing resources & materials at our hand and chose the perfect strategies that are applicable to the

Some of the link acquisition strategies include the following:

  • Directory Submission
  • Press Releases
  • Partner Links
  • Link Baiting Campaigns
  • Infographic & Widget Promotions 

Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Goldcrab shall draft a strategy for social media implementation, based on the target audience and business goals in mind. This strategy will be developed to be working in line with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services mentioned above and generate more relevant traffic & link popularity to your website.


The campaign measurement framework which Goldcrab will be developing during the research and planning stage will have all the information about the objectives, goals conversions and the KPI metrics that needs to be tracked in order to measure the success or failure of the campaign. Based on this framework, Goldcrab will perform the following activities:

Reporting – We will be reporting on the overall campaign performance, which will include reports on goal conversions, KPI metrics, to measure campaign effectiveness. Further, we would also be providing reports on campaign analysis & insights.

In addition to the above Goldcrab will also report from a search perspective, which will include reports on traffic to the website, keyword rankings etc..

Goldcrab will also provide detailed reports on link acquisition and social activities with the target audience and business goals in mind.

PPC Planning & Analysis

Defining Campaign Objectives & KPIs

Keyword  Research  &  Analysis  –  After  defining  the  business  objectives  above,  we  will  develop  a comprehensive list of applicable & relevant keyword phrases that will drive traffic to your site.

Competition Research & Analysis We will take a close look at your competitors. Additional keywords will be added to your campaign based on the competitive landscape.

Determining a Marketing Budget – Once the keyword list is finalized we will conduct a study to determine the estimated budget that you will have to spend each month.

Campaign Building

During this stage, we will carry out the following tasks:

  • Creating various Ad groups
  • Determining Landing pages
  • Keywords assignment
  • Creating compelling Ad text by adhering to the guidelines
  • Adding conversion tracking codes to track KPIs

Campaign Launch & Optimization

On an on-going basis, we will manage and adjust your paid search campaigns to optimize results: adjust bidding strategies, manage to click volumes and omitting the poorest performers.

Campaign Monitoring & Reporting

  • We will continuously monitor the campaigns and work to maintain and improve placements.
  • We will monitor performance of various keywords on paid search campaigns and look to improve CPCs, include additional keywords to drive incremental traffic to your site.
  • We will provide you campaign performance reports on a weekly or monthly basis as required.
  • Further we can tweak the campaigns to improve performance based on campaign performance and analysis.