Content Management System

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Do you have a Static website (no content updates or new articles/new) and seek a professional web designer or developer to update your pages and put news or articles every time you are in need? Do you wish you could do it without going to a professional every time you need an update? Would it be great if you you could post articles or update pages right from home or office at your own time? Well all this would be possible with a Content Management System in Dubai!

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application used to create, edit, maintain, update and publish content on a website (e.g. text, graphics, video, documents etc). A CMS also lets you to take real-time control of your website at any time of day.

A frequently updated website with new posts, news creates a feeling of an active and live site. This in turn makes visitors stay a title longer and explore the whole website. And with a good Search Engine Optimisation for the pages the global and local reach, target audience, increases, which ultimately reflects in more enquiries, leads and possibly sales.

CMS helps you to update website pages easily even if you are not used to ir. Learning to do so is easy and take a few minutes. Regular visitors want to get latest news and updates if available. Updating the pages yourself also is instant and you do not have to bring down your site every time there is an update. We provide Content Management Systems in Dubai, Sharjah.

Often, the cost of website maintenance can be a worry for many companies. A content management solution not only allows you to manage the content of your site more effectively, but it dramatically reduces the maintenance cost as well.

Content Management System

FAQs on Content Management Systems

1. I already have a website which is Static. What do I need to do to make it Dynamic?”

We will analyse your current website and determine what content need to be managed. Accordingly the site map of the website will be done. Based on the analysis a decision will be taken as to wether a new template for the website is necessary or if the existing template has to be converted to a CMS site. In almost all cases a new template will be used. Send us an enquiry and we will get in touch immediately.

2. Are there different CMS solutions available?

Yes, there are different CMS solutions. Based on your needs we will decide on the right CMS. Either an available CMS software or an custom built CMS can be used.

3. How much does a Content Management System cost in Dubai if I already have a website?

It will depend on the template/design and what type of CMS we will be using. Send us an enquiry and we will get in touch immediately.

4. I do not have a website. I want to have a Dynamic CMS website. Can I?

Yes, of course! CMS is used for various types of websites like Business websites, Corporate intranets, Article directories, Blogs and personal websites, Video-driven websites, Online magazines, Community websites, Websites for schools, Web 2.0 and social media, Review/rating websites. If anything fits your needs, you will require a CMS solution.

5. How much does a Content Management System in Dubai cost if I already DO NOT have a website?”]It can vary based on design/template and the development that is required. Send us an enquiry and we will get in touch immediately.

6. How long will it take to develop a CMS website?”]It can take anywhere between two weeks to a couple of weeks based on the complexity and content. We will come to know once we  have a discussion on the requirement.

7. Will the CMS be easy for a lay man to understand and use?”]Yes. The CMS we develop certainly can be used by a non IT individual/lay man. We develop user friendly Content Management Systems in Dubai.

8. Will there be training in the CMS after launch of website?”]8. Will there be training in the CMS after launch of website?

9. Will Goldcrab assist on the CMS for a period of time?”]Initially, after development we will instruct/train users on how to use the CMS. If further training or maintenance is required for a period of time, it can be done for a minimal cost.

10. How do I get in touch with you to get a CMS in Dubai?”]Thank you taking time to find out about our CMS in Dubai. To contact us, Send us an enquiry and we will get in touch immediately.